MIDI Controllers

We are making powerful low-cost but high-quality MIDI Controllers. In its core, it's built on Arduino, a powerful and affordable open-source microcontrollers. With open-source hardware and software, it's totally hackable! The Controller is a MIDI class compliant device, designed for controlling a DJ software like Traktor Pro 2 and for controlling plugins in DAW software like Ableton Live. It has several features and custom made mappings, so you can take the most of the software. However, it can do much more than that. The MIDI Controller can control any software that communicate in the MIDI protocol, like Ableton Live, Serato, FL Studio, Logic, etc.

Your design:

Send us you custom features here with:

  • How many knobs for control change
  • Push buttons/pads
  • Does it have slide faders?
  • Preferred USB port type

And most importantly how it should look like!

Our designs:

Check out our own available designs the controllers collection page.